About Empires in Flames
Empires in Flames (EiF) is a high fantasy medival horror LARP with early steampunk elements. set in the unique world known as "Orlon".  EiF is known for its story telling, setting, fast-paced combat, colorful characters, amazing costumes, and intense role playing.  Our usual events are weekend long and typically held in Northern M.A. 
 Empires in Flames is still a fairly new and fast-growing LARP.  It's been running since late 2016, and has not only been a steadily growing game, but an amazing, and welcoming community as well.
Empires in Flames owners Ben and Lilly work hard to provide a fast-paced game with an in-depth world and rules to back the creative minds of the plot team, staff, and players. 
At Empires in Flames players can choose their own path, be it a human, Elf, Orc or almost any creature you can imagine. With our custom rule set, you can enjoy the freedoms of a world that has never been explored. We are always happy to welcome new members, whether you choose to be a player or an NPC at our events.

EiF is a Contact Safe Live Action Role Playing Game

When we say contact safe, what we mean is that at any time not only will you be involved in intense roleplaying as your character, but you may also find yourself involved in combat involving “contact safe” weapons.

We use special weapons made from light weight materials with foam padding to simulate combat. The goal of EiF and any LARP for that matter is to tell a memorable story that can evoke true emotions, gets everyone involved and invested, and at the end of the day is fun for all. 

If anything of what you have read here interests you, congratulations you will have a great time at an event, read on! 

If you are still confused by all this, by all means come to an event and dive right in. The EiF staff and its players are always more than willing to assist new players in acclimating to the world of Orlon.

A Note On Steampunk In Empires In Flames

Orlon stands on the verge of a new modern age full of engineering, steam powered machines, and mechanical marvels. However these new mechanical marvels are 
still in their infancy and are relatively unknown. Devices that are widely available include single shot flintlock firearms, mechanical explosives, mechanical golems, 
and small steam powered land vehicles. There are factions attempting to create air ships, locomotives, 
and other massive mechanical marvels, though they 
are still a long way off. However, the world is ever changing and who knows maybe your character will be the next great inventor in the world of Orlon.