Cast Swap

At Empires in Flames one of our big goals is to improve and grow the LARP community.
So we do what is called a Cast Swap, it not only allows games to get more NPCs, but also gives a little bonus to our players. 
As a PC at EiF if you staff an event at one of the games we have a cast swap with, you will receive 60 AP per event.
Additionally, if you PC at another game on our list, and NPC at our events, you will receive a bonus at your home game. 

  1. Nero World M.A.
    Since it's inception in 1986, NERO MA has been providing Live Action Role Playing adventures in the world of Tyrra. Here you can be a hero, a villian, a warrior, mage, or assassin! "Be all that you can't be!" Website Location See Website
  2. Draconis
    Attending a weekend event with Draconis is a lot like stepping into the pages of Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tokien. Give us a chance, and we're sure you'll be hooked! Website Location Ye Old Commons Charlton MA
  3. Terres Rising
    Terres Rising is a live action role playing game set in a medieval-style fantasy world known as Ashriya. The star Terres rises in the sky approximately 4 or 5 times a year and it is well known that great events occur at these times. Website Location Camp Howe Goshen, MA
  4. Ashwick Plantation
    Set in 1675 in the small township of Ashwick in the Plimoth Colony, players will be dropped into the middle of a New England town during one of the darkest moments of our early history. Website Location Camp Denison 84 Nelson St, Georgetown, MA
  5. Stay Tuned!
    More LARPs are added to this list all the time. If you wish to set up a cast swap with EiF please email us at [email protected]
  6. Coventry LARP
    Welcome to Coventry LARP, a high fantasy heroic game based in central Massachusetts. The Staff of Coventry is dedicated to bringing to life a rich world and creating a shared collaborative story. Secrets will be found, History will be uncovered, and battles will rage. Will your hand be the one to tip the scale? Website Coming Soon!.
  7. Invictus LARP
    Invictus is a 5 year high fantasy game that takes place on a world in which a miracle has just been discovered. There are ancient mysteries & ancient enemies, secrets & revelations With swords & magic, ingenuity & alliances characters will shape the world around them and the history that will be written.. Website Coming Soon!
  8. Kaurath 2.0
    Kaurath, a land of rich history and bloody battles, ripped from its home by great magics and catapulted into a strange new world. How will the ancient martial tradition serve them in a place where everything must be relearned. Come, join us and become a part of the ever-growing tapestry making up tomorrow's history.
  9. LARP Empire store
    Southern California's best retailer for Medieval Clothing, Props and Costumes, and High Quality Foam LARP Weaponry. LARP Empire is owned and managed by larpers. We spent years gaining experience points by organizing events, crafting armor and weapons, and working in the prop & costume industry.
  10. Lione Rampant: The Second Crusade
    Description coming soon!
  11. Trouble At The LARP
    Trouble at the LARP is a horror comedy LARP about a brand new LARP called dragon's dungeon.