We are always more than happy to accept donations of costuming, weapons, packets, and props.

However, there are things we need more pressingly than others. 

The Dragons Den LARP Camp

Now we understand that no one likes being asked for money, But the big thing we need right now is donations for the LARP camp we are starting, called the Dragons Den.

We have a various set of donation rewards, ranging from individual rewards, to rewaeds for large groups, or other games. 
These range from free events, to free site rentals, to permanent discounts, depending on the size of the donation. We will also count group donations towards a LARP if the players make a comment with their donation saying which game they want credited. 

With or without the donations this site will be built, but getting backing from the community means that what would take us several years on our own, could be up and running in a year or so. 

if you can't donate yourself, please tell your friends, or advertise it at your game. 
Getting the word out there is just as important as monentary donations.
Any of our players who get people to donate will be getting AP based on how many people they get to donate. 

Back by popular demand!
Our Amazon Wish List!


We have a severe lack of these currently.
Claws have a Minimum length of 24 inches and a Max length of 36 inches and must be red.
We need around 6 pairs of these. 

This is another thing that we can never have too many of. Our personal favorite will always be latex masks, but prosthetics, foam, and rubber masks are good too. To find out if we need a specific kind of mask, please contact us as it changes event to event. 

We will never not need packets.
We do prefer the sewn packets, but will also accept rubber band bound packets.
Sewn packets are typically around 2 inches by 2 inches, though that is more of a guideline, than a restriction.

​​We currently have a lack of quality mens costumes.
Specifically Medieval looking shirts, jackets, tunics, and tabards.

LARP Empire online posts bulk order sales to our facebook group about a month before every event. They have been amazong so far, and we have had very few issues with quality, or shipping.  We also receive 5% of from the total cost of the bulk order. So everyone who orders gets AP equal to what we received in cash back.  

So we highly reccomend going through them for all your LARP needs. 

They also sell spell packets if you're in a pinch and don't have time to make them yourself!  

Click the logo to be directed to their site!