What is the setting for Empires in Flames?

EiF is set in the world of Orlon, a medieval world steeped in high fantasy.
The world is in a state of high tension as the various kingdoms and
empires have formed alliances and all but drawn battle lines. The only kingdom to stay neutral in the impending conflict is The Kingdom of the Seven Coins, who welcome all sentient races to their shores. Swords, sorcery, gods, and demons rule the world, however the seeds of change have been sewn and a steampunk industrial revolution has begun.

Where are EiF events held and how much does it cost?

EiF events are all currently held at Ye Old Commons, Charlton MA,
Though we are looking to expand. Events cost $80 to PC for the full weekend and four meals are included in the cost of admission. NPCing is always free and all NPC's will be fed the same meals as PC's, plus some extra snacks.

Can I play ?

Each prestige race is restricted to 1 player per 33 pcs in a chapter. The easy answer is you might be allowed, simply contact plot and discuss it with them. Please keep in mind that all costuming/make up/roleplaying requirements for these races are significantly higher and are strictly enforced. These races also require the expendeture of CP, costuming pictures, and a backstory submitted at least 1 month prior to your first event as that character.

How many CP do I start with?

All players begin with 40 CP and are level 2. However you may also get up to an extra 25 points by taking extra flaws and at your first event if you have high quality props and costuming you will receive an extra 10 points. However these extra 35 points don't count towards your level, they are simply a little extra boost for putting an effort in to roleplaying and outfitting your character.

Can I play ?

Generally yes, so long as you contact plot and receive permission. Each Restricted Class and their Sub-classes are limited to 1 player per 50 pcs in a chapter. All Restricted Classes also come with an increased CP cost as well as a heightened level of RP involved. Additionally it should be noted that these classes are less like traditional classes and more like racial modifications. That said you will have to find out exactly what that means for your character in game.

I want to be the grand high king of macguffin! How can I go about

I'm glad you asked dear reader! So you see beautiful old Macguffinville up on the hill there with it's nice castle? Yes? Well you need to find a way to depose it's current king and take control of their lands. This can be done through nefarious or potentially not so nefarious means. Either way it must be done in game and actions do have consequences. "But, my character history says that I already did that a long time ago! I murdered the king, stole myself a wife, and became the wealthiest person in all of Macguffinville!"  Yes I understand, but while that makes for a good story on paper, it makes for a very poor character walking in to a game full of other living breathing players. So rather than having already done all of those things, why not set them as your personal character goals? Give your character motivation to do these things. Maybe the current king murdered your family and burned your home to the ground for your refusal to pay in to the goat cheese conglomerate tax. Whatever the reason though, explore these ideas and concepts in game.
You'll have a much more rewarding experience that way.

Can I start with more than just 25 CP?

Yes you can. Through the use of Assistance Points (AP) you can purchase additional experience for your character at a rate of 60 AP to 25 XP. You may purchase a maximum amount equal to the number of events that have been held up until this point in time.
We do this in order to stop players from simply being able to buy there way in to “winning” the game so to speak, or using it to bully other players, however it will allow new players to catch up to the veterans by assisting the game in one way or another.

What is a B.G.A.?

A B.G.A. Is Between Game Actions.
The character you played for that event can have up to two Between Game Actions. These actions are generally simple things like doing research, traveling to find someone, talking to people, or just general things your character might do between events.
Please clearly state things such as what skills you are using, how exactly you are traveling, who specifically you want to talk to, or trying to find, and how exactly you are going to achieve this.
Vague B.G.S.'s will not get you very far, however we are not asking you to write us a novel. A simple list, or a paragraph or two of how you're doing things is perfectly fine.
Also some things can't be handled in a B.G.A. Such as fighting big crazy monsters, breaking into an archmages tower, killing powerful people/beings, and anything that In Game would result in a mod, or a town fight.

What is a P.E.L.?

A P.E.L. is a Post Event Letter.
This is where you tell us about what you did, who you met, and what plots you were involved in, and if you liked the food, and content we put out that event. We do these so we can plan better plot lines for you, and your fellow players, and also so we can fix anything that went wrong during the event.
This is also a place to list any donations you made to the game, leave comments for the staff, and ask any questions you might have.

If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us!