New Player Tips

  1. No Touchy
    Unless you and another individual are comfortable enough with each other to make physical contact, you’re not allowed to touch anyone unless you ask for consent first. And just because you got permission once, doesn’t mean you have permission again. Ask every time!
  2. Stay in character
    Larp is a skill that gets easier with practice. If you need to take breaks then please do so in the privacy of your cabin, or away from crowds of players. (IE: Not in the Tavern) These things happen, just try not to break immersion for the other players.
  3. Know the Rules
    We understand that our LARP can be pretty detailed when it comes to spell effects, or combat attacks. And you don't want to have to stop combat every 3 minuets to ask what an effect did. So study that rulebook! Your character’s life just may depend on it.
  4. Don't Worry too much
    It’s not about winning or losing, living or dying, it’s about having fun and telling a good story together. So don’t worry about how it ends – just enjoy the game. Also having a backup character never hurts.
  5. Bring your own camping gear
    You should always bring blankets, a pillow, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, extra socks, and snacks such as trail mix. At some events you may also need to bring your own bedding such as an air mattress. We will try to warn you if that's necessary.
  6. Get Involved!
    When in doubt, diving in is better than standing back, and risk is better than caution. Very few great stories involve hanging back in a safe place avoiding risk.
  7. Don't strive for perfection
    “Making an effort” is the most important part of making your first character. Don’t worry if it’s “perfect” or if it’s a little basic. Characters, and costumes evolve over time. So make a character you would want to learn more about, and others will too.
  8. Fit the Genera
    Make a character that actually fits the rules and genre of the game. Don’t be that guy that demands to play a Jedi Knight in a world where they don’t exist. Yes, there has been “that guy”....
  9. Flaws Stack!
    Monster magnet, or Beacon Of Fate are a quick 20-25 CP, but please note that they do stack. And by stack we mean with other players who have it! So if half the players take Monster Magnet, you guys will be facing monsters significantly more powerful than you would otherwise.