The Rules

In this section you will find a general overview of the main EiF rules.

the breaking of any of the rules can result in penalty marks to be put on your character sheet, or potentially getting banned from the game.
Depending on the severity of the issue.

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Unsportmanlike Conduct

Don't Hit people in the head, groin, or breasts

Sometimes accidents happen, an NPC turns around at the wrong time, or you throw your packet a little too low, it is one if the dangers of LARP.  But try your best to avoid hitting the head, groin, or breasts. It hurts and sometimes causes the game to be paused for a safety hold so just avoid those areas if at all possible.

Hit too hard or machine-gun

There is no need to hit harder than a person needs to know they’ve been hit.  Also, do not repeatedly hit the same spot at a rapid pace (machine-gunning).  Sure, sometimes you will be in the “heat of the moment” and your adrenaline kicks in and then you swing too hard.  But, please keep control of yourself at all times.  It is no fun to have the air knocked out of you, or end up with bruises Monday morning thanks to that person that couldn’t contain themselves.
If you are having trouble checking your swings, we have several people that would be more than willing to give you pointers on how to control your swings better. 


Cheating is looked upon very harshly and falls in to several categories: Breaking Genre, Ignoring Rules, and Misuse
of Skills. Each of these is defined below.
Infraction points stay in your player file for 1 year and are then removed 1 point at a time each year unless you receive a new infraction. Players with cheating infractions may not be an active member of staff, or a marshal.

Breaking Genre

Players who have to be asked repeatedly to return to character or put away non-genre appropriate items will receive 1 infraction point after their second warning.

Ignoring Rules

Ignoring Rules is defined as things such as ignoring damage in combat and things of that nature. This will net
you an automatic 2 points for each infraction.

Misuse of Skills

Misuse of Skills is simply defined as either using a skill your character doesn't have, or changing what a
character’s abilities actually do. Accidents do happen so the first time you commit an infraction you will receive
only a warning. After that you will receive a cumulative 1 infraction point (1 for the first, 2 for the second, and
so on).


At Empires in Flames we pride ourselves on having an open, safe, and welcoming community. 
We openly welcome all religions, creeds, nationalities, genders, and orientations, and any other facet of someones being. 

Out of Game Conduct:

One of our major goals with EiF is to create a better comminuty for LARP as a whole.  
We hold our players to a very high standard and expect them to behave at other games the same way they would at our own. 
If we hear from other game runners that a person has been causing trouble at their events, we will takes measures to keep it from happening at our events. 

This includes, but is not limited to, formal warnings, or potentially being banned from all Lyon Heart Media LLC Events.

Harrassment and Discrimination:
EiF has a ZERO tolerance policy for any kind of harrassment, or discrimination. 
​This includes, but is not limited to, epithets, derogatory comments or slurs and lewd propositions, assault, impeding or blocking movement, offensive touching or any physical interference, and visual insults, such as derogatory, or lewd pictures.

Any individual that feels they are being harrassed, or discriminated against, you are encouraged to seek out an EiF staff member immediately.
Anyone found to be harrassing a playefr, staff member, or NPC will be investiaged, and potentially banned from all Lyon Heart Media LLC Events. 

Forbidden Materials 

No Alcohol

Most EiF events take place at summer camps; these camps have strict rules prohibiting alcohol. Additionally, intoxicants and boffer combat are a poor combination. As a general rule, there is no alcohol at EiF events. Do not bring it with you. Do not consume it. Do not arrive at an event under the influence. From time to time, there may be non-combat events at suitable venues where these rules are relaxed (for players of legal drinking age only!); if that is the case for a particular event, it will be announced. 

No drugs

Illegal drugs are never welcome at EiF events. Do not bring them, do not use them, do not arrive at an event high.
If you are using prescription drugs which impair you, you are required to notify a Staff Member. Depending on the severity of the impairment, you might be required to attend the event as a Non-Combatant, for safety reasons.

For Mass events only: We are aware that recreational use of Marijuana is legal in Massachusetts. however, we treat it the same as alcohol.


Non-game weapons (firearms or otherwise) are not to be brought to EiF events. You are welcome to leave them locked in your vehicle, if that is permitted by state law and the rules of the venue.

At some non-combat events, such as games at conventions, or one day events, appropriate weaponry (peacebound only) may be allowed as part of your costuming – this will be announced if it is the case.