Welcome to the world of Orlon!

Orlon is a strange and mysterious world, fantasy creatures abound here, as do monsters, and unimaginable horrors.
None of the residents of the world of Orlon truly know what is going to happen from one day to the next. They live in constant fear of war, raiders, monsters, and demons. It is up to the brave adventurers of the world to protect the common folk from all the things that wish to destroy them.

To become an adventurer is not a decision to take lightly, while it is lucrative, it is also highly dangerous, and it is a rare thing indeed to hear that an adventurer died of old age.

​ Not everything within the world is gloom and doom though. Your average everyday person leads a reasonably peaceful, normal existence, protected by town guards, soldiers, adventurers, and some say even the deities themselves. The world is a massive place with most of it left truly unexplored and many people cannot resist the call of mystery, fame, and fortune that discovery can bring. However not all things are meant to be discovered.

The world is at an imperative tipping point. The Gnomes and Goblins have pioneered new concepts they call “SCIENCE!” and “Engineering”. The machines they create have the ability to drastically change their medieval landscape. Though if it's for the better, or worse, only time will tell. Most of the worlds inhabitants are wary of their concepts and inventions; change is making extremely slow progress, though progress none the less.

 However the world may not survive to see this new technological age. The kingdoms and empires of Orlon are constantly at each others throats, in equal parts for historical disputes, land, religious reasons, and wealth.

This is all compounded by the ever present dangers of monsters, outlaws, and ancient eldritch beings who seek to watch the world burn. Nonetheless there are many good people who choose to stand valiantly against the tide of darkness that is sweeping the land. 

You, brave soul, have choosen the life of an adventurer.
 You have left the solaces of home and hearth behind, for a life of new experiences and mortal peril. You will see and undertake numerous things that the world hasn't even started to try and fathom. The dread of death, while ever present, doesn't genuinely plague you, for to be an adventurer of note is to have stories written about you. Because no one truely dies if they have been recalled in song and story.
While some of these places may be down right uncomfortable, and dangerous, they are where you will find the most excitement to be had. In your travels you will meet many people, you will have differences of opinion with.. However you will continue to live in and explore these places since they are where the stories are to be found, where history will be written, and where the most money is to be made. 


​ In choosing the life of an adventurer you will find your way to one of many frontier towns in the wild places of the world. 
The newest frontier that has been made available are the
lands outside the Kingdom of the Seven Coins. The
youngest of the kingdoms by far and the strangest, if the stories are to be believed. Founded a mere 100 years ago, by a band of adventurers, not unlike yourselves. The Kingdom promotes the mixing of the races and the dampening of hostilities.
Any and all races are welcome within the kingdoms island borders, so long as they adhere to the kingdoms laws.
Tensions run high in the towns in the most remote locations because they tend to have little to no town guard, or military support.​
 While laws are enforced by the local constabulary, racial tensions still run high. As outlying towns grow, and discoveries are made, many questions will be asked of you as an adventurer. Such as:

Can we set aside racial tensions to grow and explore as a community?

How do we face down encroaching armies of nightmarish monsters?

How do we deal with major disasters since we're so far removed from the main kingdom?

Can we even truly grow as a settlement, or will we fail in our shared endeavor?

The only way to find out the answer is to join your fellow adventureres!
Orlon is an ever evolving world, and everything you do and say will have an impact, and potentially make history. 

So, what kind of future do you want to make?